slot machine glitch borderlands 2 xbox 360

Sept. guide pc ps3 spieltipps tipps xbox Borderlands 2: Cheats und Tipps Borderlands 2: Captain Scarlet DLC – Cheats und Tipps Borderlands 2: So schalten Sie Moxxis geheime Waffen und das Sugar Daddy Achievement kostenlos frei [Glitch] Borderlands 2: Slot Machine Gambling Guide. Borderlands 2 slot machine glitch xbox deutsch Sie Black Jack, Poker, Roulette oder Blackjack, sondern nur einem Prozent oder sogar noch Ihre Chancen. Okt. Borderlands 2: Wenn ihr später an den Automaten euer Glück versuchen wollt Slot-Machine Gewinne Klassisches Outift aus Borderlands 1.

Slot Machine Glitch Borderlands 2 Xbox 360 Video

Borderlands 2 - Slot machine Glitch ( Easy Rare Weapons )

Let me know what you guys have seen. Mar 21, Messages: The Multiverse Date Posted: Sep 24, 2 3 Borderlands symbols payout is an orange level item.

Aaricane Almost Not a Noob Joined: Apr 24, Messages: Aaricane , Sep 24, Wigglers Noob Joined: Sep 24, 4 Yeah it always goes the two borderlands symbols then a psycho head and pays cash.

Aaricane- Have you actually received it? And if so is there a certain machine that is more likely to do so? Ive got like k and want that damn loot!

Wigglers , Sep 24, GunSlinger59 likes this. Sep 24, 5 Wigglers said: Sorry i wasn't quite clear.

I have gotten the 2 outta 3 symbols multiple times, not the Jackpot. Sorry for the confusion. Sep 24, 6 idk why i put your name i meant to ask that other guy since he seems to know.

Sep 24, 7 I have never won the three symbols. It is on the wiki. Although I can't say I haven't tried. Sep 24, Messages: Sep 24, 8 I have actually won the jackpot twice now, and yes you get a rare color weapon.

I got Purple and Orange as my two rare weapon colors and the orange one was the only one worth anything, still pretty weak damage though! Sep 24, 9 Ive gotten a few purple ones from getting the Moxxi and marcus symbols.

Nov 5, Messages: Sep 24, 10 I've won the eridium jackpot twice but haven't even got Marcus 3 heads yet. What is the cash jackpot?

Jan 3, Messages: Sep 25, 11 What about the bell, haven't had that one yet. I've had plenty of 3x Legs and 3x Eridium, 1 3x Marcus and all the the commons.

Is the bell a cash payout or???? KindbastardX , Sep 25, GunSlinger59 likes this. Sep 25, 12 The bell is a cash payout.

Aug 4, Messages: Not sure Date Posted: Sep 25, 13 Was with a friend of mine that got a Vault jackpot Monday night, got a kickass sniper out of it.

Best I've done is three Marcus faces once and an Eridium jackpot once. Sep 26, 14 yeah ive had the three Moxxi legs which pays out fairly well.

Same with the marcus symbols. Always blue or better weapons. I think that you can only get the borderlands symbols from killing a one arm bandit and using the slot machine on his back.

Hoorah for blowing copious amounts of money on the slots Apr 22, Messages: Sep 26, 15 well I finally got 3 Vault symbols Lvl 41 spent about , and it was the Better Deliverance Feb 2, Messages: Jun 26, Messages: Jun 26, 17 I got all three symbols once, it gave me an smg please excuse the language called the Bitch, I have no regrets.

Rasrun , Jun 26, GunSlinger59 likes this. Jan 9, Messages: Jun 26, 18 I've been able to score 3 times on the eridium you get bars I think jackpots and still can't seem to get the 3rd Bl's symbol!

I was just happy to get something! Jan 16, Messages: Jun 26, 19 This one can be elusive. I've got one character with two "Jackpot" challenges completed, but nothing on any of the others.

And one time, I hit 3x cherries something like 12 times out of 16 spins - just green for that, although one or two of them had better stats than gear I already owned.

Showing 1 - 15 of 16 comments. Valkari View Profile View Posts. I don't think so. What is the glitch? There is a mod that will make the slots only pay out orange weapons.

The person that made it posted here a few weeks ago. Glitch View Profile View Posts. Why use a glitch to cheat? You could just give yourself as many orange weapons as you want with gibbed.

Personally, I'm against cheating. It takes all the fun and purpose out of the game. Why grind when you can just use gibbed? Why play when you can get someone to rush you?

Where's the fun if you take all the difficulty out of the game? If you're looking for orange weapons, go to the In-Game Trading forum.

You'll find a lot of people giving away free items they got from gibbed save editor. Last edited by Glitch ; 9 Jan, 2: Well, then gibbed save editor is what you are looking for.

From there, jump onto the ramp, and make your way up to find the last letter. In this mission, you will be tasked with letting turrets kill 12 Scavs.

Follow your waypoint until you get to a closed door, which is where the Scavs come out to be shot by the turrets. When the door opens, start ground slamming in front of the door to kill the enemies before the turrets can kill them.

This will cause an infinite number of Scavs to come out of the door. When the turret kills get too high, pause the game, and select "Save and Quit".

Once you are back at the main menu, select "Continue", then run back to the door to start farming again. If the turret gets the 12 kills, the mission will proceed, and you will not be able to farm this area any longer.

This glitch works best with multiple players so you can have more people killing the Scavs to prevent the turrets from killing them.

Accept his mission to be given a special grenade that you are supposed to use to capture a Guardian Wraith alive.

Follow Sterwin to the enemy location. Instead of capturing the enemy with the special grenade, kill it, and another Guardian Wraith will spawn.

Keep killing the Guardian Wraith, and another one will spawn. To easily kill the Guardian Wraith each time, align yourself in front of the spawn area, and shoot it in the head with a good weapon to keep easily killing it.

If your character is leveled up high enough and you use a sniper rifle, you can kill it with one shot in the head. Keep killing the enemies until you run out of ammo, then pause the game, and select "Save and Quit".

Once you are back at the main menu, select "Continue", and repeat the process. Repeat this as many times as desired to get an unlimited amount of XP, Moonstones, and loot.

During the "A New Direction" main mission early in the game, you can farm easy XP from the final boss "RedBelly" by quickly saving and quitting at the right time.

RedBelly has two phases during the battle; the second phase begins when his helmet comes off. Once this happens, make sure not to kill the helmet.

Focus only on RedBelly. The easiest way to kill RedBelly is to get him to chase you back to the venting machines.

RedBelly will not leave his area -- so he will not enter the room. You can then shoot him from a safe distance. Once Belly is defeated, Jack will say "Who the hell were those weirdos?

Oh whatever, I'm friggin' over it -- just turn off the signal! Once you are back at the main menu, select "Continue", run back to RedBelly, and kill him again.

To save some time, you can jump over the garage by jumping on the lamppost, then jumping on the garage. When you are on the garage, jump on the sign, then leap over the wall, and proceed to RedBelly's location.

Repeat this process as many times as desired. Use this trick to quickly reach Level If you do not select "Save and Quit" at the right time, the mission will proceed, and you will not be able to farm RedBelly again until later in the game.

Play through the main missions until you reach the "Titan Industry Factory" mission. When you enter the Titan Industry Factory, walk down the stairs, and wait for the "Tork Swarming" enemies to attack you.

Get as many Torks around you as possible, then jump in the air, and ground smash to instantly kill all the enemies around and get a lot of XP.

Once you have killed all of the Torks, pause the game, and select "Save and Quit". Once you are back at the main menu, select "Continue" to spawn back at the top of the stairs.

You can quickly go from Level 14 to Level 17 using this trick, as well as get some Moonstones from the enemies. Cross the grey bridge, and continue straight until you cannot go straight any longer.

Then, go right and continue straight until you cannot go straight any longer. Turn right to see a cave straight ahead. Enter the cave to enter an area called "The Ventricles".

Follow the path to the left. Towards the end of the path, there will be a hidden cave to the left above some large rocks.

Enter that cave, and follow the path to reach "Higgins' Gully". There will be a tall purple monolith straight ahead.

It is shaped like the monolith from Enter the purple monolith to teleport through a psychedelic tunnel to a secret area that is similar to the prehistoric area featured at the start of There is another tall purple monolith in the area below.

Enter it to teleport to a small purple room, similar to the end of the movie. There is also a hidden chest in the room. When you leave the room, there will be a short cutscene that references another scene from the movie.

The monolith will no longer teleport you after it is used. Fast travel to Tycho's Ribs unlocked later in the game. When you spawn, run through the two doors, then go left to see a hovering platform in front of you.

Run pass the hovering platform, and jump down to the area below. When you land, there will be two entrances to your left; take the entrance furthest from you.

Make your way through the U-shaped area until you see a new set of hovering platforms. Use the hovering platform in front you to reach the platform to the left of you by riding the platform up and jumping off it before you are killed.

Ride the platform on the left to the top to warp to a secret area that is similar to the Mario Bros. There will be waves of enemies that come out of the pipes.

If you defeat all the waves of enemies, you will be rewarded with three chests. Enter Moxxi's bar in Concordia, and go to the far right side of the bar.

There is a teddy bear in a chair at the end of the bar, wearing Master Chief's helmet from the Halo series. Press X to spin the bar chair to get some money.

The title of the "Boomshakalaka" side mission in Outlands Canyon itself is a reference to a line of commentary sometimes made by the announcer in the NBA Jam series after a huge slam dunk.

During the mission, you can slam dunk while "on fire," similarly as done in the NBA Jam games. RedBelly's suit of armor is similar to that used by historical Australian outlaw Ned Kelly.

Additionally, RedBelly is the name of a venomous Australian snake. In Triton Flats, you can find several prisms with light shooting out of them as well as a group known as the Darksiders.

When you spawn, proceed straight and slightly to the right until you cannot go straight any longer to reach a door in "Titan Industrial Facility - Nexus".

Enter the door, and go up the stairs to reach Gladstone's office. There is a lockbox on the console in his office.

Open the box to find a head inside and a gun called "Twin Gwen's Other Head", which can fire two shots at once. This is a reference to the movie Se7en.

The gun name is also a reference to Borderlands 2 , where they had the same type of reference to the movie Se7en. The follow-up side mission to the "Boomshakalaka" mission is called "Space Slam," which is a play on the title of the movie Space Jam.

A legendary weapon named the "ZX-1" is a rare drop from one of the enemies on the moon. Its description reads "Replay! Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding skin or head to customize your character's appearance.

Use the kiosk outside of Moxxi's Bar in Concordia to apply the changes. World Poker Tour glanzfabrics.

The lowest-priced brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging where packaging is applicable. Packaging should be the same as what is found in a retail store, unless the item is handmade or was packaged by the manufacturer in non-retail packaging, such as an unprinted box or plastic bag.

See details for additional description. Moore said himeslf that the Backwards-Compatibility thing is still going. Your email address will not be published.

Increase Equip Slots in Gibbs Stacked with Daniel NegreanuGame listed borderlands 2 xbox slot machine glitch is not backwards compatible.

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For more information please email: Is it possible to get a Legendary.. Borderlands The slot machine glitch in borderlands 2 pre-sequel slot hack. You can travel anywhere with any method and still have the unlimited ammo, but anytime you start up the game you must redo this glitch.

Also after doing this glitch you can use any gun that you obtained by any method and it'll have infinte ammo. Works with all guns and all rarities.

Does anyone know what glitches or tricks that still work after all the patches? Is there a list out there of things like that that are still valid? Thanks, I've been watching a lot of videos and I've tried my hand at save editing which I think holds the most promise for me right now.

Well, here are some numbers: Thank you I've spent a bit of time trying to find those exact numbers. My plan is to bump my 68 axton to 72 and give him some much needed better gear and then go have some more fun.

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Noch ein praktischer Tipp: The Elder Scrolls V: Fifty duel victories will result in a total gain of Badass points. Bitte kaufen Sie meine Bücher. Skip to content if you know how to do the slot machine glitch plz tell me how. Then, deposit between Eridium shards in the four totems scattered around Hunter's Grotto. Erkunden Sie mit mir die Geheimnisse allez vip casino Borderlands 2.

Slot machine glitch borderlands 2 xbox 360 -

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Casinos in st louis missouri Die ehrenamtlichen des jh raeren und der jugendarbeiter tom rosenstein werden die geburtstage durchführen. Spass und Spiele Designed by Templateism. Erkunden Sie mit mir casino admiral cz Geheimnisse von Borderlands 2. Danach wurde anhand des nummernspiels geübt wie man sich in der dunkelheit richtig versteckt exalted deutsch anschleicht. When creating high end weapons, the Beste Spielothek in Groß Vogelsang finden weapon added to Beste Spielothek in Großenviecht finden Grinder will determine the level of the crafted weapon. I saw ctrc vfv video that showed a guest pulling the lever then 50+ singles before it stops. Create a new character, and start a game with both characters.
Betfair casino deutschland Möglich wird die abwärtskompatibilität durch eine virtuelle maschine, die ihnen rund um die uhr zur verfügung stehen. Top Offizielles deutsches online casino Nebenmission [Easter Egg]. Die Top Ten Videospielanspielungen in Borderlands 2. Die besten popkulturellen Jesters Follies kostenlos spielen | Eine legale möglichkeit, immer geld in den automaten zu stecken, 5. Bitte kaufen Sie meine Bücher. Diese unterschiede werden wir markieren und in unseren rezensionen speziell erwähnen, klingelt die kasse in deinem spielerkonto, zeigen die symbole auf den gewinnlinien. Deine E-Mail-Adresse wird nicht veröffentlicht.
To do this glitch online, use the "Duplicating weapons and items" glitch. And i've only gotten marcus once which makes me sad On a related note, I found a table Beste Spielothek in Fissnacht finden the program odds of winning at the slot machines. Borderlands 2 - Gameplay Video Added on: Follow Sterwin to the enemy location. Challenges Duplicating weapons and items This ted umfrage bundestagswahl requires that you are online with another player in the game. Aaricane- Have you actually received it? To obtain the Excalibastard weapon, you must have a Badass Beste Spielothek in Arrild finden of 2, RedBelly will not leave his area -- so he will not enter the room. Personally, I'm against cheating. The Fifth Element reference A legendary weapon named the "ZX-1" is a rare drop from one of the enemies on the moon. See what you'll save. Keep killing the Guardian Wraith, and another one will spawn.